Triboelectric generation which is the transfer of electrons from the atoms on the surface of a material that causes the imbalance of electrons is called electrostatic charge. This electrostatic charge may be very dangerous in Cleanrooms, electronics, semiconductor, and similar critical environments. The extent and danger of this electrostatic charge depends on the environment's relative humidity, materials involved, texture of the material, and the extent of contact. You can generate a static charge of 30,000 volt by just walking across a floor. At the same time, you can destroy a class one ESD device with only 10 volts of static charge.

Our ELECTROSTAT products can prevent this dangerous situation and provide you with a safeguard for your sensitive ESD devices. Our products include: Static Dissipative Mats, Foot Grounders, Grounding Cord, Wrist Straps, Clinch Snap, ESD Gloves, and Brushes.

Our durable yet light weight ESD Wrist Straps will keep their electrical continuity even with an open buckle. The Heel and Toe Grounders will dissipate a charge from 5,000 volt to zero in just 0.01 seconds. Choose the best from either one of our Floor/Table Mat or Common Point ESD Grounding Cords. Our Static Dissipative Mats are made in one, two, or three layers, and are anti fatigued.

Please also check our products including but not limited to: Disposable apparel, Adhesive mats, Cleanroom wipers, Finger cots, and Face shields.